The Best Breakfast Ideas

July 2, 2014 in Blog by Ayurvedaadmin

Breakfast is the most essential part of our routine as our day starts with it. You might be working out fitness routine and yet not able to get results because of the Breakfast Blunders. Here are few Best Breakfast Ideas

Adding Sugar & Cream into Coffee

If you like to have several cups of Tea  and Coffee early morning then switch to no calorie sweetener. ” The worst thing we do to our waistline in the morning is by having tea or coffee with dose of Sugar. Also add skimmed milk to your coffee instead of cream.

Having Late Breakfast

The word Breakfast means “break the fast” and it is best to break your fast within half an hour to One hour of waking up. If you tend to have breakfast late then you end up spending whole energy in your body and might feel lazy in afternoon.

Skipping Breakfast

Most people skip breakfast to loose weight which leads to drop in your Basal Metabolic Rate. By skipping breakfast we end up eating twice the amount during lunch. It leads to weight gain.

Having Everything at One Go

When you try to have everything at one go, you end up feeling bloated without doing any good to your health. A person should divide the breakfast in two parts. He should have Fruits and Nuts at early morning like 7.30 am and then he can have proper meal at 10 am.

Having Juice & Skipping Fruits

One should have fruits instead of having a glass of juice. The juice does not contain fibres. Fruits are full of fibres and are very nutritious. Fruit form the essential part of our best breakfast ideas.

Missing Out on Protein

You should not overlook the body Protein requirement in the morning. Proteins are the vital part of the breakfast. The Eggs , Eggs white, Cottage Cheese and Sprouts should be part of your breakfast.

Unhealthy Breakfast

We often stick to basic recipes and dont innovate. The breakfast can be unhealthy for example there can be two ways of making Poha : Loading it with peanuts or  combinning rice flakes and lots of vegetables such as beans carrots and onions. The second recipe sounds better.

Breakfast with Empty Calories

By empty calorie food, we mean food items that have low nutritional value. Food items such as noodles or white flour bun do nothing more than filling up your stomach and adding to your waistline.

Food Items that have high Nutritional Values for our Breakfast Ideas

  • Sprouts 100 gm  :  40 Cal
  • Whole wheat vegetable sandwich  :  150  Cal
  • Vegetable Upma 150 gm :   230 Cal
  • brown Bread Toast (2) with One Egg :   232 Cal
  • Oats & Milk  :  256 Cal
  • Dhokla 100 gm :  230 Cal

We hope the above Best Breakfast Ideas will benefit you in daily routine.