Stem Cell Growth Therapy For Alopecia

July 2, 2014 in Blog by Ayurvedaadmin

Stem cell therapy can be viewed as a way to restore embryonic potential to a patient’s aged or damaged cells.The principal cause of male pattern baldness is known as Androgenic Alopecia. The goal of stem cell therapy in aesthetic surgery would be to regenerate aging tissue. AAPE (advanced adipose-derived stem cell protein extract) on the scalp can also help with the regeneration of ageing hair follicies and help stimulate hair growth and reverse the effects of balding without the need for the hair transplant surgery.

A session will yake about 30 minutes with multiple tiny punctures and most will begin to see the effects from your 3rd session onwards. AAPE is a mixture of refined growth factor proteins that is extracted from human adipose derived stem cells. AAPE uses proteins or chemical messengers that are extracted from stem cells found in human fat tissues.

These messengers when deposited or absorbed into the skin or scalp will send signal to cells in the skin teaching them to regenerate. Stem Cell HR Complex directly stimulate the anagenic growth phase of their cycle promoting growth factors for hair. It also supress the Catagenic Rest and Telogenic Loss phase of the hair cycle.

Stem Cell HR Complex increase the nutrient blood flow to the hair follicile. The combined result is a hair restoration product that offers faster results with improved efficacy in problem treatment areas.

Therefore Stem Cell plays vital role in curing Alopecia