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Infertility: An Ayurvedic View

Ayurveda is a science of wellness. Ayurveda not only aims about the absence of the diseases and sign and symptoms but also aims at the general health and wellness of one in all spheres. Infertility is not less than a psychological trauma to a couple. Every lady wants to be mother and every man wants to be responsible as a father. When it doesn’t happen it is not less than a trauma for anyone. When expectations are not achieved by any reason, obviously it hurts!!

Ayurveda has developed a special branch to deal with such problems, known as Vajikarana. Vajikarana, means to make one potent like a Vaji- A Horse!! Every ancient science of the world used horses as symbol of the reproductive powers. Some “QUACKS” who are not well known to the real Ayurveda, tells that Vajikarana is a part of Ayurveda aimed to increase the sexual powers only, which is never right.

According to Ayurveda, conception takes place due to healthy sperm, healthy ovum, and a healthy uterus. For both men and women, reproductive health depends on the health of the Shukra Dhatu, or reproductive tissue. In women the Shukra tissue produces the ovum as part of the monthly cycle, and in men the semen is formed due to sexual stimulation.

The Shukra Dhatu itself is created as part of a long chain of metabolic transformations, starting with the digestion of food and including the transformation of food to nutrient fluid, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and finally, to Shukra tissue. (These are detailed under the icon Basic Principles of Ayurveda as Nutritive Levels of the body.) Healthy Shukra Dhatu, then, according to Ayurveda, depends on the health of all the other tissues in the body.

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