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  • Coping With an HIV Diagnosis
  • HIV Infection in Women
  • HIV, Pregnancy and AZT
  • HIV Treatment
  • How to Take HIV Medicines
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  • Avoiding Infections When You Have HIV
  • HIV
  • Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) and HIV
  • Nutrition and Exercise When You Have HIV
  • Occupational Exposure to HIV

Some ayurvedic medicines that help against fighting AIDS

The following are some of the ayurvedic medicines that improve and help in making progress for the AIDS patients:

  • Chyavanprash
  • Raktavardhak
  • Sookshma triphala tablets

Raktavardhak helps in building the immunity of the patient and making it strong and resistant. The functions of the sookshma triphala tablets are fight against the infections present in the body of the AIDS patient. The most important, effective and popular ayurvedic remedy for AIDS is chyavanprash.It acts as a toxin and thus makes the patients immune system strong and rejuvenate it.Chyavanprash is made of amalaki or goose berry which supplies a lot of vitamin c to the body. It also supplies anti oxidants like bioflavonoid, vitamin B complex and vitamin A.A special characteristic of this fruit, amalaki is that it is antifungal and anti bacterial, therefore it helps in digestion and also lowers the blood pressure and high cholesterol. The other useful effects of amalaki, present in chyavanprash is that it helps in repairing the muscles and improves the skin also. Apart from amalaki chyavanprash has other essential ingredients like 35 herbs. Therefore all the ingredients of chyavanprash make it a powerful remedy towards fighting a dreadful disease like Aids. It is not very difficult find chyavanprash as it is available in most local medical stores. Therefore if we sum up the qualities of chyavanprash, we see that it helps in the various systems of our body like digestive, respiratory and sexual systems

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