Is Oral Contraceptive Pill Safe ?

July 2, 2014 in Blog by Ayurvedaadmin

Facts about Oral Contraceptive Pill

Since the arrival of Oral Contraceptive Pills in the market, lives of billion women have changed forever. Before that women have always bore the brunt of unprotected sex. Millions have died from illegal abortion attempts. The shackles have finally been broken after discovery of oral contraceptive pill.

Oral Contraceptive Pills are associated with many benefits apart from an almost 100 percent guarantee against unwarranted pregnancy. It regularises the menstrual cycle and reduces bleeding thus protect against Ovarian Cancer. About 60% women use OC Pill in Europe and sadly the percentage of user is highest in Bangladesh than in India.

Everyday new molecules are coming into market targeting specific gynaecological problems along with providing a safe and secure method of contraception. Sex is not a shy word among women along with Smoking is also becoming common these days. The dreaded HIV which was once confines to certain species of monkeys in Africa is now a global Phenomenon.

More and more people are falling prey to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). Organisms like Chlamyadia which can lead to severe tubal damage and Infertility can be found in so many women. The field of contraceptives is a dynamic one and recently Vaginal Ring Contraceptive impregnated with hormones has been launched in the country.

Here are few questions which every women want to know —

Q   Is there a risk of growing Fat with the use of Contraceptive Pill ?

A   The latest Pill contain minimum level of hormones and are unlikely to cause weight gain. The recently  launched molecules claims to reduce weight.

Q   What are the side effect of the Pill ?

A   The commonest is the Nausea and irregular spotting or bleeding in initial months. There are women who are intolerant to oestrogen and for them problem of nausea and vomiting will grow with it.

Q   How effective are the Pills ?

A   If the pills are taken according to the directions then they are 100% effective.

Q   Will these Oral Contraceptive Pill have permanent effect on Fertility ?

A   Not at all. You can stop them anytime. The fertility potential can be regained from the next month.

We hope that above information on Oral Contraceptive Pill would be helpful to you in clearing the myths and doubts