Healing With Food Therapy

July 2, 2014 in Blog by Ayurvedaadmin

A Healthy Diet

Food Therapy is emerging as the latest prevention against multiple lifestyle diseases. Healing through food therapy is what everyone is looking for….. Therefore a healthy diet has to be the one providing proteins, calcium and minerals to fight diseases.

Eat well and Feel Good

A healthy diet has shown that food could be answer to combat diseases. An expert says that ” Eat well not just for basic nutrition but to heal”. Food Science introduce us to foods that heal rather than just provide basic vitamins.

To prevent Infertility

Increase your intake of yellow and orange vegetables . Leafy vegetables are good for eyesight and detox the liver.

To avoid Depression

Eat a lot of Seeds.Certain food can help in overcoming the depression. Make sure you have enough of Omega 3 fats from mustard oil, wheat, lobia, flax seeds and methi seeds.

Eat lot of salads to make the digestion stronger. Eat lot of nuts and watermelon for a better Nervous system.

Dose of Vitamin D

A dose of sunlight with almond will benefit those who want a baby. Women who take more Iron in their diet are more fertile. It is important for women with menopause to take vitamin D and E which are found in Avocadoes, Tomatoes and Hazel Nut.

Beat the brittle bones

Drink lot of milk from the childhood. Physician says that one should stock his calcium in your childhood and teenage years. Magnesium found in nuts, lentils and potatoes help in building bones. Foods like red beans, fish, seafood, dates, fenugreek leaves and lotus leaves are rich in calcium.

For Safe Heart

Donot consume too much of Salt for healthy heart. Also avoid red meat which contain fatty things. Lean meat like chicken and fish are good for the heart. Fish like Tuna and Salmon prevent clot formation. Fruits and vegetables with high fibre specially Oats reduce cholestrol. In a study at Harvard those who had Almonds and Walnuts every week reduce chances of heart attack by 35 percent. Red wine is also good for heart but to be taken in limited quantity.

Food to beat Cancer

Food therapy prescribesSimple dietary changes can prevent one third of 12 most common cancers. Food therapy in cancer can be good preventive and cure. Do not eat pickles as it can increase chances of food pipe cancer.

Having oats, barley, fruits, vegetables also removes toxins in the body. Food that are known as anti cancer are garlic, turmeric, green tea, red wine, whey, wheat grass, pine bark, aloe vera and mushrooms.

Herbs to avoid blood pressure

Squeeze lemon instead of salt in the food. Avoid cold cut meat as they have too much salt. If you drink then limit alcohol intake to not more than 60 ml per day. Restrict Caffeine to not more than 2 to 3 cups of Tea/Coffee per day.

We hope you follow this a healthy diet and make use of this healing food therapy

WE recommend that if you are unable to follow above diet then one should go for  Liquid Multivitamin