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KUTAJ (Holarrhena antidysenterica)

Part Used: Bark, Seed

Properties: Stomachic & digestive,Anti-haemorrhoidal,Anti-diatrhoel,Blood purifier,Anti-Leprotic

Specific Property: Kaph vata samak


Powder: 3 – 5 gms.


  • Kutaj is the best drug for Diarrhoea. In chronic diarrhoea & to check blood coming from stool,it should be given with Isobgol, caster oil or Indrayav.
  • Decoction of Indrayav & katuka in rice water alleviates fever caused by pitta.
  • In Bleeding piles Decoction of Kutaj bark with sunthi checks mucus & blood.
  • Decoction of Kutaj destroys all skin diseases.
  • Topical application of Kutaj is useful in Rh. Arthritis & Oestioarthritis

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