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KHADlR(Acacia catechu)

Part Used: Bark, heart wood(kath)

Properties: Dentifricer,Anti-pruritics,Bronchial sedative,Appitiser

Specific Property: Anti-Leprotic


Powder: 3-5 gms.

Decoction: 50-100 ml.

Kath: 1/2 – 1 gm.


  • One suffering from Kustha should use Khadir in always-bathe, food & drinks etc.
  • In Vitiligo- Intake and local application of Khadir is very effective.
  • Decoction of Khadir and Triphala added with buffaloe’s ghee and powdered vidanga destroys fistula-in-ano.
  • One should take heart-wood of Khadir (powder) with paste of Pippali and mixed with rock-salt to destroy cough.
  • Decoction ofKhadir & Neem root removes the diseases of teeth.
  • Paste of heart-wood of Khadir & sala mixed with honey taken with cow’s urine in morning alleviates filaria.

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