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KATPHAL (Myrica esculenta)

Part Used: Bark

Properties: Antipyretic,Bronchial sedative,Voice promoter,Appetiser

Specific Property: Kaph vata samak

Dosage:Powder: 3 – 5 gms.


  • In Rhinorrhoea, Stomatitis, Asthma & Ch.Laryngitis- Decoction of Katphal should be used with Dalchlni.
  • In Haemorrhoid- Local application of Katphal with ghee is effective.
  • In Dysmenorrhoea – Gaggery&Katphal powder should be taken with keshar&black sesamum.
  • Oil cooked with Katphal powder is useful in Arthritis & Wound.
  • In Toothache -It is used as tooth powder

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