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KANCHNAR (Bauhinia variegata)

Part Used: Bark, Flower

Properties: Constipating, Depurative, Anthelmintic, Vulnerary

Specific Property: Gandamalanasa


Powder of bark: 3-6 gms.

Expressed juice of flower: 10-20 ml.

Decoction: 40-80 ml.


  • In Gandamala (Scrofula): Used the decoction of Kanchanar bark addedwith Sunthipowderde stroys gandamala.
  • In Gandamala as well as Galaganda (Goitre):decoction of Kanchanar and Triphla added with Pippali powder is beneficial.
  • In pox:Decoction of Kanchanar bark added with Swarnamaksika Bhasma destroys pox.
  • In Haemorrhagic disorders -The powder of kanchanar flower should be used with honey.
  • Kanchanar flower is used with sugar as a laxative.
  • In Haemorrhoids Powder of Kanchanar root is effective if given with butter milk.
  • Decoction of Kanchanar bark is useful in leprocy,skin diseases, diarrhoea, and boil.

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