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GOKSHUR (Tribulus terrestris)

Part Used: Fruit, root

Properties: Health promotor,Diuretic,Stomachic,Aphrodisiac,Urinary Lithontriptic

Specific Property: Vata pitta samak


Powder: 3-5gms.

Decoction: 50-100 ml.


  • In Dysurea -(i) Milk boiled with Gokshur should be used.
  • (ii)Decoction of Gokshur seeds mixed with Yavakshyar.
  • In Nepbritis – Decoction of Gokshur mixed Shilajeet is used.
  • In Calculus – Powder of Gokshur seed mixed with honey & taken With goat milk.
  • In Impotency & seminal debility -Powder of Gokshur & Sesamum with goat’s milk should be taken.
  • To promote hair growth – Gokshur & Sesamum flowers are mixed with equal quantity of honey & ghee. This paste applied on head promotes growth of hair.
  • As Rasayan – On taking powder of Gokshur, Ama1aki & Guduchi with ghee and honey

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