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ASWAGANDHA (Withania somnifera)

Part Used: Root

Properties: Health promotor, Spermo-poietic, Rejuvenating, Anti-Inflammatory

Specific Property: Kaph-vata-samak


Powder: 3 – 6 gms.


  • As Rasayan – One who takes powder of Aswagandha root in late winter mixet with honey and ghee along with milk regains youth fullness even if old.
  • In Bronchial Asthma – Theash(alkali) of ASvagandha should be taken with honey and ghee.
  • The powder of Asvagandha mixed with sugar & taken with ghee alleviates insomnia.
  • In Cardiac disorder – The powder of Asvagandha and Bibhitak mixed with jaggeryand taken with tepid water alleviated vata located in heart.
  • Suppression of urine – Decoction of Asvagandha removes suspression of urine and promote urination.

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