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AMALKI (Emblica officinalis)

Part Used: Fruit & seeds

Properties: Digestive,Stomachic,Canninative

Specific Property: Tridoshar (Specially pittahar)

Dosage: Powder:3 – 5gms.

Expressed juice: 10 – 20ml.


  • In Opthalmic disorders -Juice coming out of the mature fruit of Amalaki staring on the plant after piercing with nail alleviates, numerous diseases of eye caused by aggravationat vata pitta kaph.
  • In Fever – Juice of Amalaki fruit fried with ghee alleviates fever.
  • In Anaemia – One should take the powder of Amalaki with Honey.
  • In Jaundice – Juice of grapes and Ama1aki is useful.
  • In vomiting – Cold soup of green gram mixed with Amalki juice should be taken.
  • In Amalpitta -Powder consisting of Amalki,Satavari and sugar, all is mixed with equal quantity of honey & taken with milk.
  • In Pradara (Leucorrhoea) – Powder of Amalaki should be administered with honey.
  • Greying of hair One who applies the paste of manduta,Amalaki and Japa flowers on hair before taking bath is freed from the disease

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