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Pharma Franchise in India

Pharma Franchise

Franchise refer to privilege or right. Franchising refers to business in which a trademark of company can be used by the other partner for doing business. The partner uses that brand to sell products. Franchise can be of different types and different modes.

Pharma Franchise refer to franchise where a company gives right to partner to market its products in that part. The company may give franchise state wise. It may also give Master Franchise.

We introduce ourself as one of the leading Pharmaceutical Company based in Chandigarh. Biomorph Lifesciences is a company based in Industrial Business Park in Chandigarh.  Pharma Franchise is a very successful business model for both parties.

Medilente Pharma is a pcd pharma company which has shown tremendous growth. We are looking for young and dynamic prople to join us as Pharma Franchise and to be part of this growing company.

Biomorph Lifesciences is a chandigarh based company offering pharmaceutical franchise for different states. Our products are manufactured in  state of an art of Units which are fully automised with GMP and other certifications.

We have a team of experienced professionals who look after requiremets of our clients. We deliver goods as per commitment no matter whatever is the quantity. We are a new company but we have shown tremendous growth in this sector. Biomorph Lifesciences is a  part of Sharma Engg Corp which is a leading company in Textile sector.

Pharma is our new venture which is a part of expansion plan. We want to have associates so that they can also join us to be part of  this venture.

We are basically marketing company. We have manufacturing collaboration with state of art manufacturing unit. Our Laboratory conform to the International Standards. Our manufacturing facility is certified by GMP WHO. Our technology with hi tech machines makes sure that production is carried out round the clock and we meet our client requirements within the time frame.

We are one of the most reputed companies as suppliers of New DCGI molecules.Our products are GMP and WHO certified.Our range of medicines includes

a) Antibiotic
b) Analgesic
c) Antipyretic
d) Antiseptic
e) Antimalarial

As a Pharma Company we we ensure that our products are sourced from quality vendors only.

Our Vision and Mission

We want to provide best quality products to our customer. Our aim is to reach every part of India and to provide medical products at very economical price. Our company has this vision in mind.

” It is our duty to ensure quality medicines to the patients using our medicines.”

Our Warehouse is very strategically located which is very near to transportation facility.We make sure that environment in warehouse is pest free, neat and clean and temperature is also controlled.

We are looking for young and dynamic people to join us in this business…We are looking to give Pharma Franchise on Pcd basis in various states.

Quality Assurance

Excellent quality remains an impeccable strength,which aid us in raising in this stiff market competition.
Our Quality Assurance department monitor all stages of production,analysis and ware housing.
We Constantly examine products quality.
Systematic sampling and testing at every stage from raw material.
Through each procedure of intermediate and finished pharmaceutical formulation.

We are also giving Master Pharma Franchise, so contact us

Dharinder Vashishta (CEO)
M- (+91) 9915807495
M- (+91) 9815107495
Email: biomorphlifesciences@gmail.com

Health Food Product as Medicine

It is known that diseases can be prevented by drugs. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, frequent infections, menstrual problems and high cholesterol  requires to be treated with medicine. Health conscious people follow dietary advice to experience better health by using food as medicine.

Vibrant health, mental clarity and high energy can be attained by improving our selection of food. Here are few health food products you should consider

Soup For Sinus

When the nasal passage gets blocked due to cold or an infection in the body, one can have this soup as it can help a lot in this case. Make soup by sauteing two tablespoon of crushed garlic, one tablespoon ginger, half tablespoon black pepper, two onions, one tomato and salt to taste.

Add water and boil for five minutes. Throw in diced capsicum and cauliflower. Boil them. Garnish with two tablespoon of raw radish cut into thin strips. Squeeze lime juice. Drink it hot.

Antacid Soup

Late nights and over eating are common during festival season. This may lead nausea, vomiting, gas and acidity for people with weak liver.  This cold soup will help reduce heart burn and acidity. In two cups of low fat curd, add one grated cucumber, atleast ten ice cubes, black salt and blend. Chill in the refrigerator and serve in soup bowl. Garnish with mint leaves.

Gas Fighting Salad

Gas is produced in intestine by undigested food. Excessive eating, too much non veg, insufficient water intake and alcohol contribute to it. Herbs like saunf (fennel), cardamom (elaichi) and peppermint helps reduce gas. When you want to eat light, try this salad.

Combine two pomegranates, ten black raisin, one amla finely chopped in a bowl on a bed of lettuce leaves. Dress it with few drops of vinegar and black salt. Chew your food thoroughly. When you gobble it down, you tend to swallow large lumps which are more likely to be undigested and produce flatus. Tea like chamomile and peppermint help improve digestion and reduce gas.

Fish as Health Food Product

People who eat fish are less likely to suffer a stroke than those who only eat a little or none. The omega three fatty acids in fish may lower stroke risk through their positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol written by Nicola Orsini of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.

A lot of evidence comes together to suggest that about two to three serving per week is enough to get the benefits.

Therefore consider above health food product as medicine to enjoy healthy life.

Healing With Food Therapy

A Healthy Diet

Food Therapy is emerging as the latest prevention against multiple lifestyle diseases. Healing through food therapy is what everyone is looking for….. Therefore a healthy diet has to be the one providing proteins, calcium and minerals to fight diseases.

Eat well and Feel Good

A healthy diet has shown that food could be answer to combat diseases. An expert says that ” Eat well not just for basic nutrition but to heal”. Food Science introduce us to foods that heal rather than just provide basic vitamins.

To prevent Infertility

Increase your intake of yellow and orange vegetables . Leafy vegetables are good for eyesight and detox the liver.

To avoid Depression

Eat a lot of Seeds.Certain food can help in overcoming the depression. Make sure you have enough of Omega 3 fats from mustard oil, wheat, lobia, flax seeds and methi seeds.

Eat lot of salads to make the digestion stronger. Eat lot of nuts and watermelon for a better Nervous system.

Dose of Vitamin D

A dose of sunlight with almond will benefit those who want a baby. Women who take more Iron in their diet are more fertile. It is important for women with menopause to take vitamin D and E which are found in Avocadoes, Tomatoes and Hazel Nut.

Beat the brittle bones

Drink lot of milk from the childhood. Physician says that one should stock his calcium in your childhood and teenage years. Magnesium found in nuts, lentils and potatoes help in building bones. Foods like red beans, fish, seafood, dates, fenugreek leaves and lotus leaves are rich in calcium.

For Safe Heart

Donot consume too much of Salt for healthy heart. Also avoid red meat which contain fatty things. Lean meat like chicken and fish are good for the heart. Fish like Tuna and Salmon prevent clot formation. Fruits and vegetables with high fibre specially Oats reduce cholestrol. In a study at Harvard those who had Almonds and Walnuts every week reduce chances of heart attack by 35 percent. Red wine is also good for heart but to be taken in limited quantity.

Food to beat Cancer

Food therapy prescribesSimple dietary changes can prevent one third of 12 most common cancers. Food therapy in cancer can be good preventive and cure. Do not eat pickles as it can increase chances of food pipe cancer.

Having oats, barley, fruits, vegetables also removes toxins in the body. Food that are known as anti cancer are garlic, turmeric, green tea, red wine, whey, wheat grass, pine bark, aloe vera and mushrooms.

Herbs to avoid blood pressure

Squeeze lemon instead of salt in the food. Avoid cold cut meat as they have too much salt. If you drink then limit alcohol intake to not more than 60 ml per day. Restrict Caffeine to not more than 2 to 3 cups of Tea/Coffee per day.

We hope you follow this a healthy diet and make use of this healing food therapy

WE recommend that if you are unable to follow above diet then one should go for  Liquid Multivitamin