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Anti-Drug Addiction

Shaman Chikitsa: In this treatment patient is given ayurvedic medicine, Drugs like aafeem ,bhang and alcohol are the part of treatment  but these are used  highly in their refined state .If some person get addicted with these drugs and liquor in his life then its will be very difficult for the person to leave these bad habits slowly slowly body and mind become slave of these drugs and the urge and need for the drugs increases .

This type of ayurveda treatment is very much needed and helpful for our nation, In ayurveda there are lot’s of counter poisions are described which counter act the effect of these poisonous drugs. For example shrish,Nirvish, akilin etc and some give power to brain example vacha, chorak and lifegiving jivanti,mashparni.

If the patient take ayurvedic medicine he will get the freedom from these addiction permanently, With the help of our ayurvedic treatment these type of addiction can be  get rid off permanently without taking other drugs. These ayurvedic medicine are really effective on whether it is nicotine of cigarette or alcohol of liquor or any other drug.

Sashodhan Chikitsa: if the patient is unable to leave the the drugs and still taking drugs and alcohol after the first treatment then .He would be given the Sashodhan Chikitsa, In which the patient is kept on very light food so that his or her mind become pure and clean and after that with the help of yoga asana patient is kept away from the drugs .Massages like Abyang, Sanahan and Savedan help the patient body to get back its power and vigor back and Shriodhara help the patient to fight back with the withdrawal symptoms of drugs.

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