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About Us

Ayurvedaways is a health portal created by Medilente Pharma. It is a worldwide accepted Indian Firm in terms of the effective products and good service for both partnerships and customers.

Ayurvedaways was created to provide knowledge of Ayurveda to common masses. As Ayurveda has deep roots in INDIA but people dont know about the secrets of Ayurveda. Then Biofantasy Pharmaceutical felt need to create this portal to provide knowledge about the Natural Remedies and Home Remedies for cure of diseases naturally.

Medilente Pharmaceutical is also making Ayurvedic medicines and Pharma products which will cure diseases without any side effects.

All of these successes can ensure our true intention in maintaining the quality products and services’ quality, ensuring a brilliant and firm future of the company.

Our mission is to keep on researching and developing the natural way to keep human to look young as long as it takes. By this goal we promise to all the consumers the best quality the best services we can ever provide to you at all times. We will make sure that all the consumers will achieve the same results as they use our products and be very satisfy at all times.

The company is also engaged in manufacturing of Liquid Multivitamin and Lycopene Syrup and other liquids. The core business of the company has been the textile sector and it has been manufacturing woolen Felts.

Medilente Pharma is a Pcd Pharma Company looking to give Pharma Franchise  to young and dynamic people in different states. Contact us at dharinderv@gmail.com  or call us at (+91) 9815107495

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